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This One After School Activity Can Transform Your Child Forever

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Your kids are heading back to school for another exciting year of classes and as a parent you have many different activities to choose to enroll them in. Everything from team sports and music lessons to clubs and supplemental educational programs compete for your attention. Yet, there are only so many free hours in a day and we have to be careful we do not burden and burnout our kids. So what activities are best for your child?

One after school activity has been proven to give children an edge in their development that can last their entire life is training in the martial arts! Martial arts is a foundational activity and should have a reversed spot in your child’s schedule as a core activity your child does regardless of other activities.

Why are our martial arts classes so helpful to a child’s development?

Martial Arts Develops a Growth Mindset

Your child is taught to compete against themselves, always try to do even just a little better, focus on their goals and not what others are doing. This teaches kids to love to learn and constantly improve.

Martial Arts Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

Through physical improvements in strength, flexibility and power coupled with self-defense skills development, your child’s self-worth will skyrocket.

Our Martial Arts School Provides a Positive and Friendly Environment

Unlike team and organized sports where there are only so many kids allowed to play at once and there is a deep drive to win at all costs, martial arts training includes everyone and teachers, students and parents all support and encourage each student to do their best. There is no sitting on the sidelines or bench in the martial arts. The focus is 100% on bringing out the best in your child.

Martial Arts Promotes Physical Skills Development

Our martial arts classes also develop high levels of motor coordination, balance, improved reflexes, cardiovascular health and natural muscle development. Your child will get in better shape and even start improving in other sports and activities! Our students who have trained consistently for a number of years, often tend to be the leading scorers and players for their team sports.

Martial Arts Teaches Goal Setting & Achievements

One of the best aspects of martial arts is it has built in goal setting and teaches kids to strive to reach a goal and then set a new one right afterwards. Our school provides both short term, midterm and long term goals and achievement recognition through belt ranks, student recognition, class attendance tracking, structured curriculum, and awards.

Martial Arts Instills Discipline & Perseverance

The combination of all these aspects of training help make your child mentally strong as well. Your child learns to not give up, to keep trying, to have patience and focus, have great manners, help others, and be able to stand up for themselves.

Best of all, martial arts training is something that the whole family can do together! If you have ever wanted to take a class or learn more about taking martial arts lessons, now is perfect time. We have an amazing martial arts back to school special and our instructors will be happy to give you a tour of the school and answer your questions.

We also would like to invite you to try our 6 week Back-to-School Offer with a free uniform for only $99! And at our school, our tuition covers all testing fees, saving you thousands of dollars on your child’s road to a black belt! This is a $250 real value. The lasting impact of taking martial arts classes will give your child an edge that echo’s throughout their entire life.

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