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Back to School Shopping: Starts Crime Peak Season

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It’s back to school time and while unsuspecting parents across the country will be out spending large sums of money on clothes and school supplies to prepare their children for school, beware of the petty thieves and robbers lurking in the malls and parking lots waiting to get their hands in your pockets.

Statistics show that August and December are peak crime months for these predators and contrary to popular belief, they are very smart.  Robbers watch the news and read the paper to see where the big sales are going to be.  They survey certain department stores and malls to see which ones have security and quick escape routes. Then they sit and wait for the race to begin.

Here are a few tips to help keep you safe:

  • Be aware of your surroundings while out at the malls and parking lots
  • Stay off your cell phone, while shopping, so you can stay alert
  • Avoid carrying large sums of cash. Use your credit or debit card for large transactions
  • Carry your purse over your shoulder, pulled slightly to the front of your body
  • Place all items in the trunk of your vehicle to reduce your chance of being a “smash and grab” victim
  • Do not place your purse in the shopping cart… keep it with you at all times
  • Be sure to keep your hands free when exciting the store. Use a shopping cart to transport your bags to your vehicle
  • Keep your keys and cell phone in your pocket, so if your purse is stolen you can still call for help and get home
  • Increase your awareness and self-defense skills through our martial arts programs!

By taking these simple steps you will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a back to school shopping victim!