Achieve full potential with our martial arts classes in Glen Burnie, Maryland!

For over 50 years, A.J. Bartlinski’s Karate Supercenter has taught thousands of adults and children self-defense, discipline, confidence, a commitment to excellence, and a winning attitude. 

Raise your fitness and wellness bar in our martial arts classes where you can experience:

  • An increase in self-confidence.
  • Incredible cardiovascular endurance
  • Learning self-defense skills for any situation

A fitness experience like none other

Our martial arts programs are designed to give a detailed, total-body workout that lifts your spirits and self-esteem. It is not only a fantastic self-defense system but also a great exercise that helps you to develop respect and discipline. As you get fitter physically, you and your body feel better!


As an educational institution, our objective is to instill in our students the mental, physical and spiritual attributes that are necessary to enjoy a high quality of life. We believe that the art of Karate is the vehicle by which these ideals are realized.

We are committed to instilling in our students a sense of purpose; a burning desire to achieve their goals. We understand that goals are realized through desire, determination, and dedication. Our goal is to guide our students on their journey toward accomplishment and excellence in all aspects of their lives. Their success is our greatest reward.

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 7-12)
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Adult Martial Arts (Ages 18+)
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Teens Martial Arts (Ages 13+)
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Little Ninjas (Ages 4-6)
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