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Buddy Days

Next Wednesday April 30th and next Thursday May 1st are the buddy days for this month!!

We will being doing a bunch of karate games for all students!!

Students for every friend you bring in you will get to throw a throwing star at a balloon, inside of the balloon is a prize that you have won!!


Students for every friend you bring in you will get a ticket put into a fish bowl with your name on


Word of the Week is Success

Words of the Week April  2014 Part 1


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry Davis Thoreau, 19th  Century American writer

For Adults

Each person defines success differently. Many have nearly identical goals, while others’ goals are uniquely their own; however, everyone shared the drive to achieve them. Continuous hard work is the surest way to drive you toward the achievement of your success. Dreaming about success is only the starting point of achieving it.


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